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Why Our Training Works

We believe that a well trained owner, creates a well trained dog. We help you to understand positive forms of communication with your best friend. We have the best student to instructor ratio with a maximum of 6-8 students per dog training obedience class. Each class has 3 highly qualified instructors per class and the head instructor of every class is a behavioral expert. Everything we do uses only positive reinforcement.

Serving Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown, Campbellville, Dundas, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and surrounding areas.

Truly Positive

No Choke Collars, No Prong Collars. No physical punishment, fear or intimidation. Learn to control rewards to control your dog's behavior. A positively trained dog is a happier dog. We use only the most up to date proven methods.

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Backed By Science

Our understanding of how dogs think, feel and learn is constantly evolving. We believe it is our responsibility as trainers and dog owners to continue our quest to better understand our companions by staying up-to-date with what the modern scientific community learns about dog behavior. Positive training is the future of all dog training.

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Experienced, Professional Trainers!

Check out what you and your dog can do with the right trainers! Meet your head instructors:

Diane McWhinnie

Owner, Head instructor,
Behavioral consultant

Diane has been a Professional dog trainer for over 20 years. She has owned many dogs from Poms, to Border Collies, to a Wolfhound cross and all points in between including many rescues. Her work has been published in: Dog Sport, DogsDogsDogs, Dogs in Canada and various others. Film wrangler on many productions for over a decade. Lectured on flyball in the UK. Guest lecturer at the Ontario Veterinary College, U of Guelph. (4th yr, behavioral rotation, 4 times). Speaker Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians conference. Many appearance as an expert guest on talk shows including appearances on Rhonda London Live and City TV. She is the head behavior evaluator Burlington Humane Society pet therapy program and has been for over a decade. Her peronal Dog activities include: Superdogs (20 years), Woofjocks Canine allstars (5 years), Pet therapy visitation, agility (national level), flyball, frisbee, and obedience. Participates in ongoing Professional Development ongoing at the University level including attendance to Programs at Wolf Park.

Joan Weston M.A.Ed

Head instructor, Behavioral consultant

Joan has been a professional dog trainer for over 15years. Her work has been published in: Dog Sport, DogsDogsDogs, Dogs in Canada. Also expert witness on multiple occasions in the Toronto courts. Sought after lecturer on Canine Behavior all over southern Ontario. Professor of Animal Behavior at Durham College and also created and wrote the curriculum. Dog activities include: Superdogs (10 years), Woofjocks Canine Allstars (5 years), agility, flyball, frisbee, obedience and conformation. Does all of her activities with her Bulldogs and Pugs. She is owner and head behavioral expert of "Fangs, but no Fangs K9 Consulting Services"

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Stop waiting.
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